Your ecstacy is

the medicine

Welcome love.

It's no coincidence that you're here. In the New Earth vibrations, we magnetically attract the people, places & support we need for our evolution. We are becoming more consciously aware of how our thoughts & intentions manifest rapidly - how our desires connect us with the people, places and experiences we need in our evolut

I'm Phoenix - Oracle, Transformational Artist and Ascension Guide, weaving erotic expression, alchemical artistry and wild delicious creativity to help leaders like you come home to the power of your ecstasy.

As an Oracle, Transformational Artist and Ascension Guide, I help others come home to the power of pleasure & love in themselves, their bodies and souls. Globally, we are undergoing a massive acceleration in consciousness, bringing us to back to the remembrance that we are divine creators. 

embodying the frequencies of pleasure & peace in the body is the ultimate revolutionary act.

Humanity stands at a cross-roads in choosing our preferred future timeline. 

Join a global community of New Earth Leaders here to go Quantum in their ascension and support Gaia’s Ascension Process. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

how to engage with this portal

This online portal has been created with the intention to provide support in your soul’s ascension journey, so please allow yourself space to breath deep and take your time, as if you were in ceremony. There is a reason why you are here reading these words, so do not under-estimate what brought you here.

If you’re desiring more resources on Ascension, Spiritual Sovereignty & the alignment with your Soul’s Calling – I recommend exploring the resources page of the website first. If you are seeking direct guidance in support from myself, please reach out to my team in booking a consultation or explore the Work with Me page. 

Otherwise allow your heart & soul to direct you to exactly what you need to. May your soul feel the love and healing frequencies encoded in these words, prayers, and 


Pause right now & take a deep breath

The remembrance we are collectively having is one of attuning to the frequency codes of FREEDOM, prosperity, pleasure, luscious sensuality, and sovereignty, so together we can operate at our highest state of reality and become the New Earth. If you feel called to elevate your frequency and activate your divine Djhedi powers – then continue your journey with me here.

your pleasure is holy


In the ancient rituals of inner Alchemy – initiates were guided in the ways of turning on their latent abilities to consciously evolve & awaken their Mythic Selves. 

 Within these times of rapid ascension & global awakening – as we leave the age of external gurus and enter the Aquarian Age of inner knowing and Self Sovereignty…it is time we truly embody Heaven on Earth.


Listen to your intuition...

& choose a path


Phoenix Amara

Having studied metaphysics and the realm of visionary art since childhood, Phoenix Amara has been weaving the power of these modalities into the art of Prayerformance & Temple Arts. 

With over  20 years of studying esoteric sciences, mysticism, energy work and visual arts – she’s channelled her work as a Ceremonialist, Prayerformer & Ascension Guide through her international missions & retreats, events, Prayerformances and Quantum Energy courses. 

Step into your wildest dream

What you are seeking is also seeking you. Give yourself the permission to expand, experience and experience your Quantum Reality; one filled with luscious pleasure, good vibes & positive emotions…


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The Earth’s Consciousness, also currently known as GAIA is under a major ascension and transformation process. Along with this cosmic alchemical transformation, humanity’s consciousness is also undergoing unparalleled shifts. Phoenix shares personal stories of contact with Star Nations, extra-dimensional beings, awakening journeys, and spiritual pilgrimages in service to the ascension process of Gaia.  This transmission will guide you in preparing for the next wave of Galactic Consciousness and your role in the ascension of Gaia.


from my heart and soul

Explore Your Mythic Self.

In this experiential journey – give yourself permission to connect with your multi-dimensional galactic consciousness to download information that will assist you in your luscious embodiment. Take ten minutes and activate your Mythic Self Journey…for free….right now. 

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