Sensual Liberation


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Discover the Altar of your Holy Temple

Set prayers and powerful intentions in this slowly sensuous exploration of your body, breath, and pleasure with my special Sensual Liberation Temple Arts Bundle. Through soulful intention setting, building of sensual energy through breath, self-massage ritual, and other resources for the liberation of your pleasure – you’ll be kneeling at the beauty of your body and praying in the altar of your body’s safety, pleasure and kundalini. 

Setting Sacred Space

Start your ceremony by learning some of my secrets to setting beautiful sacred space (vital for sacred sexuality practices).

Divine Support Ritual

Use these writing prompts to commune with the Universe & call in support for this expansion of your sacred sexual expression.

Self-Worship Ritual

Enjoy this guided self-worship ritual that will leave you feeling like a goddamn God/dess!


You'll also get access to these two BONUSES...

Your Personal Operating Manual Template...

(normally reserved for clients - but now yours....)
Relationships can be very complicated.

It’s not always easy for partners or lovers to to know how you operate, what you desire, or what triggers you….never mind yourself. This 18 page editable template document is a powerful means of exploring your desires, emotional needs, relationship patterns, wounds and habits, so that you can develop a deeper means of communication with those you love. 

Completing this manual is also a powerful exercise in getting to know yourself more….what you actually desire in relationships with yourself and others. Explore your emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual needs in this illuminating journalling process

Temple Arts Resource Guide

A 29 page Guide

Temple Arts is literally the path and process of inner alchemy to achieve and attain access to higher dimensions and realities of consciousness – it is the physical embodied spiritual practices that help one to alchemize the inner frequencies to one of union, peace and balance. 

In this free 29 page Guide you’ll some valuable practices and information in your journey to exploring the power of Sacred Sexuality, Sex Magic and Temple Arts.


• Origins of Temple Arts

• Introduction to Sexual Alchemy

• Foundations of Temple Arts

• Yoni & Lingham Massage Tips