Transmissions on Soul, Sex & Ascension

with Phoenix Amara

Welcome love,

The Omniverse is the podcast where we explore the edges of consciousness, energy healing, sacred sexuality secrets, and resources for the evolution of New Earth Stewardship. Our guests are seasoned experts in their field, and I’d like to invite you to be a featured guest on the Omniverse Podcast Season One – sharing your unique expertise and knowledge with our audience. 

Alongside sharing personal stories, relevant resources and valuable information for listeners, this is also a fantastic opportunity to share more about your personal work, offerings, and share a free gift or resource with our audience. 

See the information below on how to schedule your interview date & time, interview preparation material, and also how to submit your speaker assets. 

It would be an honour to have you share your wisdom with us on the show, and I deeply look forward to sharing sacred space with you soon,

How to confirm


As we’re reaching out to many potential speakers, the sooner you complete the following below – the sooner we can confirm your participation in Season One. There are currently 20 spots available interview spaces left in 2020. 

STEP 1: Book your interview date/time here>>

STEP 2: Complete the Speaker Asset form here which will ask for your bio, personal information used for promotional purposes, along with special questions you’d like me to ask, and links to your free gift/resources. Please try and complete this at least one week prior to your scheduled interview.

STEP 3: Prepare for your interview by reading the following:
• Ensure you have the latest version of Zoom Installed. 
If using your Computer | Zoom Meeting Link >> Password: LOVE | Meeting ID: 965 073 6962
If using phone: Find your local number here>> | Phone Password: 222021

VIDEO + AUDIO interview Checklist:

  • Find yourself in a quiet + cozy indoor space (with windows closed if noisy outside). The less noise present in the background the better.
  • Please wear a headset mic or use a microphone for recording if possible.
  • Please beware of noisy jewelry – i.e. long earrings, bangles or jewellery that ‘clinks’ together.
  • Please put your cell phone to sleep or on silent, and close tabs and apps that ‘ping’ you.
  • Prepare your sacred space. Take time to set your space – use a ring light or good quality lighting,  wear simple-colored clothing (no stripes pls), and make your space behind you beautiful!. While the Podcast will initially be released with audio only, we will potentially release video clips later on for promotion and potentially release interviews via Youtube this fall. 

Podcast: Interview Structure

We’ll have about 5-10 min beforehand to check in with one another, and have a brief and lovely heart-connect.
A personal intro of you will be read & recorded by Phoenix prior to your interview.

Conversation | 30-45min
In keeping with the rhythm of a natural and engaging conversation, there will be no pre-prepared questions to respond to.  I will instead ask you to simply share your background in your realm of expertise, a personal (and vulnerable story), and anything else that naturally arises in our conversation.
Personal Practice | 5-10 min
This is your chance to share a practice with the audience that they can try at home: a journaling prompt, a breath work practice, meditation, visualization etc
Wrap up | 1-2 min
Phoenix will close the interview by thanking guest and asking where people can find out more about them and their work. Then she will guide guests to website where your online details and brief show notes can be found.  
Please stay on the line until after the recording closes so Phoenix can say thank you and goodbye. 
Post Interview
You will be emailed once your interview is live where we will share with you social media graphics that we welcome you sharing with your own communities.  Your interview will be promoted once on Phoenix Amara’s social media Facebook page and Instagram account and also on other social media channels. The exact date of your interview’s release is not known in advance. We thank you for your patience in advance, and know it will be worth the wait! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us & blessings to you this year! 

Topics we love exploring:


STAR NATIONS: Communication & contact with Multi-dimensional beings, becoming a Galactic Ambassadors, and how to prepare yourself for contact with extra-dimensional beings.

ENERGY HEALING & QUANTUM ASCENSION: Covering aspects of quantum consciousness and the new evolution of quantum energy healing, channelling light codes (and what they are), light language – what it is, how to access it and understand it, and activating your quantum energy healing abilities for the nexts waves of ascension. Quantum Prosperity & the Prosperity Codes – the mechanics of Quantum Creation.

COMMUNITY BUILDING & NEW EARTH STEWARDSHIP: Building New Earth communities, intentional communities, green schools for the crystal children, conscious parenting, and resources for building communities.

INDIGENOUS ALLY SHIP & WISDOM: Hearing from elders, leaders and and voices on Indigenous wisdom, prophecy, inclusion, equality, and communing with the energies of liberation.

SACRED SEXUALITY: We’ll cover the juicy, real, and relatable aspects of embodied pleasure & freedom, tantric alchemy, ancient alchemical practices, and the art of sacred sexuality.

Drop your name into the list below to get notified when our first episodes go live.