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Phoenix Amara

Phoenix Amara is an internationally celebrated Ceremonialist, Divine Feminine Leader & founder of Temple Arts. Having apprenticed in the metaphysical arts since childhood, her initiations and life experiences have culminated into collective visionary transmission ceremonies, trainings, and initiations to support the awakening of divine powers within humanity. 

A Unification Architect & Visionary Experiential Artist – her live Prayerformance Ceremonies, media appearances, and online transmissions focus on activating collective intention, quantum Tantra, and the anchoring of  New Earth frequencies. 

She’s been on a global mission, travelling to the world’s sacred sites and ley lines – activating stargates with the support of the Star Nations and ascension leaders. Weaving a network of communities across the globe, her mission is to support the new paradigm awakening in humanity.

Her path has taken her around the world, and it’s no accident you’ve come across this frequency at this time.


As the former founder of the Awakened Woman Convergence (2016 & 2017) she’s organized international retreats and conferences in destinations such as Bali, Egypt, Arizona, and has performed and spoken on dozens on stages across North America such as at Hawaii Tantra Festival, DreamTalks, SoulPlay, Lucidity Festival, and Electric Love Festival. As a third-generation psychic and mentored in the metaphysical arts from childhood, her trainings and initiations have also included a  mentorship with the Star Nations and communication with the Spirit realms.

Additional qualifications include Red Lotus Tantra Certification, feminine leadership trainings, and entrepreneurial trainings and programs. She’s been initiated with her Usui Reiki Mastery, and has completed leaderships trainings with divine feminine leaders, and worked with plant medicines and medicine healers. She received a Bachelor’s Degree of Environmental Design with honours from the University of British Columbia and a Visual Arts Diploma from Camosun College, along with studying theatre, dance and singing since childhood.

I Spent My Childhood

searching for the answers to bring more peace and healing to our planet, knowing from infancy that my role on the planet would be one of helping humanity awaken from the collective nightmare to helping awaken the new Heaven on Earth.

I recall searching through esoteric texts at age 7 – searching for keys in the Upanishads, Vedas, and wisdom writings of the enlightened masters. Practicing energy medicine, chakra opening, and astral travel in my early teens – awakening my own inner powers to embody that which I sought to share.

Twenty years later, while living in the polluted landscapes of mainland China and feeling overwhelmed by the utter devastation of the ecosystem, our seemingly apocalyptic fate, and my powerlessness to create any real change that would affect our trajectory – I attempted to take my own life.

On death’s door, I heard the cry of my soul and this momentary death would catalyze my first major conscious awakening initiation and the beginning of receiving transmissions about the great Galactic Alignment and the prophesied shifts happening on Earth right now. 

While still integrating an entire year of downloads of information not readily understood, I continued forward on a path in visual arts, architecture and sustainability. I later worked in systemic change with an NGO collaborating with global organizations like the UN, UNEP, and other international agencies to find the fastest solutions for affecting sustainable global change.

I tried to ignore my soul's purpose...

Following the laid out plans of a career in urban planning), working a stable job, and building a life with my former husband.

But life had other plans for me, and I went through another death – the death of all of the dreams I thought I should be having, to become initiated in the deep and authentic purpose of my soul. My career ended, my marriage ended and former self ended.

After having continued initiations and remembrances of my Star Lineage, my psychic abilities continued building, I began speaking and performing for audiences, and began receiving spiritual wisdom and guidance to support many people.

I then began to step on the path of reclaiming my power, sovereignty & divine abilities.

now, I embody

My full Galactic Frequency

in being so unapologetically my divine star being self – that you have no choice but to stand in your fullest divine power & expression.

I’m here to fully create with my deepest heart, so that us as a unified human species can live in freedom, sovereignty, and our wildest visions in co-creating a new timeline for humanity and our Ascension Process – in which LOVE HAS WON. 

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While It Would Appear That We Are..

living in the most deeply challenging times facing our humanity & planet, the ways we’ve initially thought would get us out of this predicament and our potential extinction, are in fact, NOT the solutions. 

This shift has nothing to do with technology, politics, or economic reform – instead it requires the awakening of the GLOBAL UNIFIED HEART OF HUMANITY. 

We are being called to remember our true Sovereignty and the coronation of our freedom – and the power of the Quantum Collective Unified Field.

Yet these real shifts require great courage. To feel our grief. To forgive ourselves. And to fully with surrender, love ourselves and others. To crack ourselves open to feeling the entirety of our emotions, and loving all of them. To bring sensation to the parts of our soul & heart that have become numb. 

To indulge in the joys we’ve gravely labelled as ‘hobbies’ and passions we do on the weekend. To awaken to the truth that we ARE enough, and we always have been.

We are here to embody our DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY….

The New Earth Is Built...

One moment of faith at a time. And with every interaction of genuine appreciation, honour and presence. Where we pause and deeply inhale a breath – with remembrance and reverence that we are meant for deeper more meaningful ways of living and being connected to the great web of love…The New Earth will burst forth into reality through these collective shared seeds of hope planted in humanity’s heart. And the garden of our dreams shall blossom forth – a safe and beautiful haven for every child, animal and being.



And Gratitudes

My journey would not be complete without sharing gratitude to the humans and beings that have influenced and supported my path. Among my greatest teachers being my daughter – Sahara Skye, my mother & father, divine women whom have mentored or inspired me; Carla Wainwright, Nisha Moodley, Deya Dova, Emily Utter, Olivia Jade, Rosie Bitts, and family. Honouring those whom have come before me such as my ancestors – my Ukranian & Hungarian roots, my Star Family, activists who’ve inspired me, artists who’ve influenced me, & conscious leading edge change-makers who are revolutionizing what entrepreneurship truly is. Sharing deep appreciation for the friends in my life whom have held me in their hearts & arms along this path – Cosmic Love, Devaiya Ra, Rico Paganini, Hayley Melrose, and so many others. 

Ancestors of the Land I live upon / LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 

My work is in service to this beautiful planet we call home, and in doing so, I cannot go without honouring the Indigenous to the lands I was born on – the unceded lands of the Coast Salish. Coast Salish is used to encompass a number of Indigenous peoples, including Esquimalt, Hul’qumi’num, Klahoose, Lekwungen (Songhees), MALAXEt, Musqueam, OStlq’emeylem, Pentlatch, Scia’new (Beecher Bay), Sliammon, Shishalh, Skxwú7mesh-ulh Úxwumixw, Stó:lo, Straits, Tsleil-Waututh, T’Sou-ke, SÁNEĆ (Pauquachin, Tsartlip, Tsawout, Tseycum), and Xwemalhkwu.