a 9-Week initiatory JOURNEY OF


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Is the closest we get to experiencing the frequency of the Divine. Expanding your ability to run pleasure through your body expands your ability to create, express, manifest + receive! Consciously playing with this energy and weaving it into your business IS the new paradigm for New Earth Business. 


Yet from trauma, abuse or fear – so many womxn have suppressed their ability to expand into transcendant states of orgasmic ecstasy. Liberate the power of your pleasure (&pussy) to effortlessly attract more opportunities, money, and yummy ecstasy.

But let's be honest...

if you run an online business, or
have been struggling to reach the levels
of success you desire in your life &
business, yet find no amount of efforts
or actions you're doing help...there's an
obvious disconnect in your

Everything starts with energy,
and if you've been trying to force, hustle,
or struggle your way to success there is
an easier way babe.

Maybe you've invested everything into
trainings, assistants, social media, and
you are still waking up everyday
wondering 'what the fuck...! when will
I start to see signs of success?'

I know that feeling....


is allowing yourself to harness the power of your feminine orgasmic frequency in magnetizing that which you desire to you – receiving in effortless ease, bliss & ecstasy. No more struggling, forcing, hustling or grinding. Embodying + celebrating feminine pleasure & desire in the very way you live & follow your soul’s purpose. 

It’s giving yourself permission to create from a place of ecstasy, wholeness + pleasure, celebrating successes before they land in your reality.

I know, because I used to be that woman....

working my ass off, every single day....

Trying to DO all of the things – thinking that if I did, I was guaranteed success. I was using an imbalanced masculine approach to my business….

then I fell into sacred sexuality, feminine embodiment work, and had a baby. When you only have a few hours a day to make bacon, you start to seriously question the way you do business. And what I realized was that….

It All Starts With Pleasure....

Delicious, Dripping, Sensuous Pleasure.

In your body, your pussy, & your business. Every. Single. Day….not tomorrow or next month when you take time off, finally reach a certain level of success, or when you reach a desired weight, but right now.

This is we’ll dive into in Orgasmic Manifestation with all of the juicy womxn joining…is the ancient secrets of igniting + using your sensual energy in creating a reality and business that truly inspires you.

The past 6 years of working with magic, Sacred Sexuality & online business has taught me that....

there is soooooo much work to be done in unlearning the ways of the world. We learn that ‘hard work’, sacrifice, and grinding are how you achieve success.

Yet, after working with multi-million dollar companies, starting over 8 different businesses!, organizing two global women’s conferences with hundreds of women, and now publishing a book in 8 years is that….


And it's these secrets I'm here to share with you

Because, as a mother, I couldn’t find many other mentors like me that were running a successful sacred sexuality business AND also balancing that with the unique challenges that being a parent gives you (hello no sleep!) 

So if i can run a beautiful, Rewarding and

insanely delicious life & exciting pleasureable business with a small child in tow, then so can you….

In your body, your pussy, and your business. Every. Single. Day….not tomorrow or next month when you take time off. But TODAY! RIGHT NOW!!

This is what I’m here to share in Orgasmic Manifestation with all of the juicy womxn who are joining me…is the power of your innate orgasmic potential…to taste the utter bliss of your ecstatic state.

Fall in love with your
life, business & body

in this 9 week initiatory journey inspired by Soul, Sex & Art


Queendom, Orgasmic ecstasy, &

every goddamn day!!!


• Following rigid and bland 'formulas' for building your online business and rules around marketing and promoting yourself

• Feeling stuck in a cycle of fear with money - either spending or receiving.

• Not allowing yourself to dream bigger or feeling unworthy of having luxuries in your life

• Feeling unclear around what you offer or Hiding your truest authentic offerings (like sacred sexuality, astrology, or energy healing) behind a guise that is more accepted by the mainstream

• Feeling confused in what you're offering, feeling fear of promoting yourself and what you do, or feeling like you can't make a living doing what you really want to do

 Stuck at a plateau in how much income you are make each month.

When this could be your reality...

Waking up feeling refreshed and stoked about your life & what you do only to glance over at your phone to see notifications of yet more money landing in your bank account just for being you. After a morning filled with soul ritual, tea and some yoni pleasure, you prepare yourself for another stunning day of life in your dream surroundings while stretching your juicy body. Donning yourself in clothes that make you feel an unstoppable goddess, you let the feelings of gratitude wash over you.

Letting music shake your being alive, you shake your fine ass around your beautiful home as you celebrate yet another 'win' in your business & career! You receive even more money, and allow yourself to receive just for being your fine self.

Your heart feels full from what you offer the world, because it's coming from the truest sense of your heart. You are showing love to life & being rewarded!!

Dropping into sacred space with some clients, filming yet another podcast interview, or getting out into nature, you feel a deep sense of purpose in helping others and alignment in how you're choosing each thought and choice. Feeling appreciation, you send a huge donation to an organization you've always wanted to support but previously felt too in scarcity to ever donate to. You close your evening in a soulful ceremony with your community & beloved, creating music + memories to last a lifetime with soul fam you deeply cherish.

What a difference a shift in worthiness + pleasure makes!!


What you'll get inside of
Orgasmic Manifestation...

• 7 Live Weekly Transmission Ceremonies with guidance on embodying the energetic shift from scarcity action to instead first create intention from pleasure + abundance.

• A Weekly Ritual to alchemize scarcity, fear and doubt into the existence of embodied knowing that money, opportunities, and success comes easy to you - and seeing it happen.

• A Weekly Sacred sexuality embodiment practice that I've honed over the past eight years to weave into the way you do business for easeful + orgasmic manifestation.

• My secret practices + transmissions in how to connect with the Orgasmic Field of Creator and download branding, content, and ideas so you can allow money to flow into your life in waves just for being your most inspired & sensuous self. Plus you'll get my templates & secrets for creating rich graphics & creative branding.

• Reading resources from my Temple Arts Alchemy School on sexual alchemy that will support the deepening of the relationship with your pleasure as a means of receiving more nourishing and transcendant states of orgasmic success.


The Mythic Business Bundle: 7 Mythic Business Workbooks to help you clarify the stories you share about your business, your niche, and how you desire your dream business to look + feel ($997 value)

• Soul Brand Mapping Journey - a step-by-step process to connect your ideal dream business to your ideal branding, so you can shine using social media.

• ACCESS to An Online Virtual Group Retreat where you'll get a chance in the 'heartseat' for a one-on-one sacred business reading

(options to upgrade to VIP or just access the recordings + materials)

do these inspire

a FUCK YES! in your body?

Magnetizing soulmate clients, visionary content, branding & your most authentic offerings that also uplevel you...
and expanding your ability to feel pleasure in your body which extends to your life, business, & money.

Allowing yourself to actually welcome in 5 or 6 figures into your business monthly while working less - yet massively supporting people.

Healing your toxic relationship with scarcity + money shit

Learning the fundamentals of Divine Masculine structure to run a smooth + pleasurable online business

Whether you're an artist, healer, coach or someone interested in becoming one - learning the necessary tools to allow your feminine essence to feel safe & supported to play, feel, and soften...and do what you LOVE doing.

Letting pleasure + softness be a powerful catalyst in opening your energy to more orgasmic energy (and watching your bank account fill up because of it).


Overcoming the shame + guilt of talking about your work, services and offerings and instead tapping into the powerful creative impulse to creatively showcase your heart, vulnerabilities and also your deepest gifts to humanity.

Doing LESS + BEING MORE....enjoying more embodiment pleasures & applying secret sensuality rituals to amp your magnetism, radiance, and energy for greater impact, prosperity and abundance.

we'll cover:

WEEK 1 |


Expanding your capacity for envisioning + receiving through delicious dream work. You'll be guided in my fun + creative art process to connect with your ideal dream life, clients, & offerings.

WEEK 2 |


Sacred sexuality rituals to activate your kundalini + orgasmic frequency with combo breath, self-massage, and sacred sex tools - harness orgasmic frequency to MAGNETIZE, OPEN & RECEIVING (love, money, opportunities).

WEEK 3 |


Raising of your orgasmic energy & harnessing it into your business. You'll use my sacred structure ritual to begin formalizing the divine masculine structure for your sacred offerings.

WEEK 4 |


Expanding worthiness so you can truly receive what you desire. Connect the energies between your heart & yoni to open worthiness, melt any resistance to opening your heart to receive your soulmate clients.

WEEK 5 |


Using your social media + offerings to express your own desires, we'll be creating inspiring media that generates your own FUCK YES! so that you're magnetizing FUCK YES! Clients.

WEEK 6 |


Exploring & heal your shadows and sabotage through accessing your most luxurious, sensuous and worthy self through archetypal expression, creating magnetic media content.

WEEK 7 |


Release your sacred offering or gift into the Universe + watch yourself RECEIVE!!!

WEEK 8 |


Pt 1 of our online Virtual Retreat - where we'll open with a sacred sexuality ritual to activate your kundalini along with a Q+ A Heart Seat, where you'll receive a special reading on your business.

WEEK 9 |


We'll continue the celebration through sharing our successes and continuing with personal business readings for those in the group and any Q+A's on their business.

PLUSSSS you'll also receive access to my MYTHIC BUSINESS workbooks ($997 value) to guide you through creating a magnetic offering for your clients, that will leave them wanting more + more...!


Soul, Sex & Art | Stages of our Journey

Each week, our journey weaves in:


Like journalling, breath work, guided meditations and rituals to bring you into deeper peace within your being - to create clarity in your life, and open you to Orgasmic Source Consciousness.


Delicious sensual embodiment practices like my Rose Breast ritual, yoni/heart breath, and yoni wand magic ritual to deepen the connection between pleasure in your body + pleasure in your business & relationship with money.


Incorporating creativity rituals that will inspire your dreams to expand and widen, you'll get to explore sensual art making for manifestation and using creative social media story creation to weave play into how you share - marketing is dead, art is the way.

Transform the way you honour

your pussy & your business

I have so much love, admiration and gratitude for you, Phoenix Amara, for the container you held for me to experience myself in this deeper way. To give me a chance of owning my self and what I can bring to this world. I will be forever grateful. From the bottom of my heart thank you.”

-- – S.H, Fall 2019

This is for you if:

You're ready to create inspired experiences, success and an inspiring life from a place sensual spaciousness, ease, and pleasure

• You're ready to release old programming of needing to 'work hard' * sacrifice in order to experience results

• You have an online business in coaching, sacred sexuality, creative expression or work + are ready to anchor New Earth frequencies into how you live your business

 • You're ready to have fun in your daily life + business, and create space for pleasure, embodiment and wild expression

You have experience with internal work, emotional clearing, and shadow work, so playing victim is not in your vocabularly

You are ready to feel & know yourself like the worthy, beautiful and brazen Queen that you know you are!


you can Experience OM...


Work at your own pace + on your own schedule – by accessing the workbooks and recorded Live Calls from our live group. You’ll have access to the material foreva!


• OM Weekly Modules + Workbooks ($797 Value)

• Recorded Calls ($497 value)

• BONUS: Mythic Business 7 Week Online  Workbooks ($997 value)

YOUR INVESTMENT: $497 or 3x installments $231

La Libira


7 WEEKLY MODULES: You’ll get access to weekly modules + rituals ($797 Value)

• PRIVATE TELEGRAM: Access to our private (and secure) Telegram chat to ask questions, share updates/wins, and get support. You can also reach out to me with questions anytime!($397 Value)

• LIVE CALLS: Join our weekly transmission calls to get the downloads on each module, experience live practices/coaching and ask questions ($1997 Value)

• BONUS: Mythic Business Workbooks ($997 Value)

• 2 Orgasmic Business Manifestation Map Workshops
Following the journey – you’ll get access to join these intimate online workshops in Week 8 & 9 where you’ll get feedback on your business, courses, offerings & branding | ($997 value)

YOUR INVESTMENT: $997 or 3x installments of $466).

Unio Mystica

VIP | 1-1 including 2-Day Virtual Retreat

Your life’s work deserves a visual essence that speaks to the core of the beauty your soul exudes & the grandness of your vision. Our world, Gaia, is rapidly evolving into a new consciousness, and this new paradigm of soul, sovereign and heart asks of us to elevate our energy in aligning to the values of the New Earth.

ATTENTION IS CURRENCY – So let the soul of your mission and business be medicine media for the world.

Your vision & message has value and worth. It is multi-faceted, full of meaning, and vibrates at a unique frequency. I’m here to help you see and experience the Soul of your Business through this 2-day visionary branding, design, and storytelling retreat. Art is healing, business can shift culture, and your work can do both. And that we are here on the planet at this unique time in history to elevate to a new earth that places love, service, and compassion first.

I’m here to help you tap into the greater energetics of your great service on the planet and express that through visionary & transformational branding, design and storytelling that is inspiring, fun, & deliciously you.

With a background in design & visual art, experience running a branding company & working with multi-million dollar clients, plus wildly intuitive & feminine design inclinations (Pisces Moon here), I’ll help you channel an iconic essence for the next beautiful version of you. 

xo, Phoenix

VIP | 1:1
Unio Mystica

(Only 6 spots Now Available)

Along with receiving all of the goodies in tier 1 & 2, you’ll also receive 1:1 support from Phoenix in a private 2-Day Virtual Retreat.

APPLY BEFORE Oct 5th to get $1300 off AND an OM PLEASURE KIT delivered to your door which includes a yoni pleasure wand, oils, elixirs, crystals AND 1 uniquely handcrafted alchemist wand specially designed for you (value $797)

YOUR INVESTMENT: ($3700 or 3 payments of $1566)

Love Notes



In this tier, you can work at your own pace and have lifetime access to recordings and all material. This is perfect for those with little time for calls, or those just dipping their toes into this work.


• WEEKLY MODULES: You'll get access to weekly modules + rituals

• CALL RECORDINGS: Access each weekly transmission call recordings where all the magic happens

• BONUS: Mythic Business Workbooks

La Libira


In LA LIBIRA, you get the privilege of everyting in tier 1 PLUS access to live calls & ceremonies for support + feedback.


• 7 WEEKLY MODULES: You'll get access to weekly modules + rituals

• PRIVATE TELEGRAM: Access to our private (and secure) Telegram chat to ask questions, share updates/wins, and get support.

• LIVE CALLS: Join our weekly transmission calls to get the downloads on each module, experience live practices/coaching and ask questions

• BONUS: Mythic Business Workbooks

• PLUS 2 Orgasmic Business Manifestation Map Workshops
Following the journey - you'll get access to join these intimate online 2 hour workshops in Week 8 & 9 where you'll get direct feedback on your business, courses, offerings, social media & branding

Unio Mystica

VIP TIER | 7 Spaces avail
Get everything included in tiers
1 & 2
AS WELL AS 1:1 time with Phoenix in a 2 Day Orgasmic Business Virtual Retreat
During this two-day virtual retreat, we'll go deep into your offerings, soul's gifts, heal worthiness blockages, channel visionary branding & social media messaging so you can launch your luscious + soulful offerings to the world.

(each day is approx 4 hours of coaching - see below for more details)
BONUS: APPLY before Oct 5th to get a BONUS OM PLEASURE KIT ($797 value)


uplevel Your Business with Orgasmic Ecstasy??

Having apprenticed in the metaphysical arts since childhood, my life’s work has culminated in supporting women to rise & fly as embodied, powerful and prosperous healers – sharing their sacred sexual expression, honouring their temples and expressing their most sacred gifts through conscious business.

After overcoming many challenges early on in my life from depression, eating disorders and suicidal tendencies, I had a major a spiritually awakening while living overseas in China where I first literally heard my soul back in 2003. I later founded my own online soul coaching business 8 years later running masterminds, trainings, and international conferences (with a small child in tow). I’m honoured to have now  thousands of healers, visionary leaders, artists and seekers around the world through my work – and have seen them quantum leap in their lives; from starting six-figure businesses, to making major positive life decisions, loving their bodies, healing life-long trauma and so much more….plus receiving prosperity for what they LOVE doing.

While I’ve been featured in major media outlets like Huffington Post, Financial Post, and Globe & Mail, along with leading podcasts in spirituality, leadership & transformational business – what makes me feel most proud on this path is knowing I’m making a difference in the world through giving women the permission to feel worthy & empowered in their lives.


So why?

this, why now?

We’re in the midst of an unparalleled global awakening on the planet, and the liberation and honouring of womxn’s sexuality + magic is ever more needed on the planet. 

AND THE OLD PARADIGM OF DOING BUSINESS IS DYING…but what’s emerging is a new & more connected way of sharing our gifts. 

Women’s magic has been suppressed, silenced and shamed throughout the last ten’s of thousands of years – and the return of Goddess work and elevation of the Divine Feminine is more urgent than ever. 

Women feeling not only safe in their bodies, but loving & worshipping in them as the holy vessels they are is one of the reasons why I do what I do. 

Having run my sacred online business for the past 6 years,  held ceremonies in sacred sites across the planet, organized two international women’s convergences, led online masterminds, and shared the power of sacred sexuality & magic with hundreds of clients for the past 8 years – this is about bringing love back into world through embodying it in your physical temple.

Join me in reclaiming the power of worshipping your pleasure as a holy sacrament – and using that magic to bring pleasure + prosperity into your life and business….because you are so worthy. 


uplevel Your Business with Orgasmic Ecstasy??

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you may have…
Feel free to reach out to our team at support@phoenixamara.com for any questions you may have.

I don’t do refunds, only because I don’t do half-ass. I KNOW that if you show up fully for this journey as I do, profound transformation & quantum leaps will follow. If you’re showing up in full presence, completing all of the self-love rituals, practices, and expressive art assignments – you can’t NOT see results.  I show up with ALL of me, and ask you do the same for these 9 weeks!

If there are an overwhelming amount of babes registered who can’t make the LIVE Calls, we will reschedule based on the most chosen time/dates through a poll. Otherwise all calls will be recorded to watch later – so you can either submit questions beforehand, or register for the other options.

No. Ideally, you’re an online femmepreneur, though you don’t NEED to have a pre-existing online business. You will learn a ton about the energy mechanics behind operating a successful + pleasureable online coaching based business, so don’t be surprised if you start one in the course of 9 weeks with us.

All good! You’re going to see a lot of examples and get a ton of support (especially if you’re in the Live Call or VIP Group). I’ll give lots of individual support to help you get crystal clear on the offer that lights you up the most.

Absofuckinglutely! I’ve witnessed MAJOR transformations in people’s relationships, their bodies, & businesses….from healing ancestral trauma and finding their own beauty again, to reigniting an authentic bond and sex life with their spouses, to stopping the energy of hustle and strive – to just create and receive. 

Ideally, yes! We’ll be exploring the power of opening, softening & orgasmic pleasure with sacred pleasure tools. If you don’t have one – I recommend ordering one from La Loba here>>

Once you’ve registered, you’ll get access to the online material hosted on Thinkific, where you’ll create a profile and get access to the online materials. You’ll also receive emails on our live calls (or recordings) as well as extra goodies you might be signed up for. The Telegram Group will be sent via email to you.

No! You can come fresh to this work, or have a background in sacred sexuality. As it IS based around sacred sexuality & Temple Arts practices, you will be exposed to areas on sex, pleasure and loving your body. If you

This isn’t a business course – this is a journey in connecting with your body + intuition in a richer more pleasure-filled way & how that connects to the way you make money. We will cover aspects of online business, but this ain’t your typical business course. This is a revolution on receiving through the ways that bring you pleasure.

No idea. I’ll likely have the recordings available, but I run my business intuitively & run courses when I feel inspired. So, if you’re on the fence – just ask yourself – what is the cost if you don’t join? I’ve never regretted courses I’ve registered for, only the ones I wanted to and didn’t.

Soul. Sex & Art