Welcome love,

Ahhhhh….I so enjoyed reading your application. It is women like yourself who will transform the world into something so exquietly unrecognizable – a New Earth where the feminine (and her pleasure) is honoured and revered…


Because YOU chose to honour and revere her.


a 9-Week initiatory JOURNEY OF


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And so, ...
I'm so honoured and excited to welcome you into this container, this cocoon - where we'll delve into the power of your pussy, activate her pleasure, and expand your ability to receive...so read below for more details on confirming your presence in OM.

You + your heart and energy are so
perfectly aligned for expanding through Orgasmic Manifestation -

Below, you'll find details on:
our journey's structure, answers to some questions you might have, and choosing
the right path in this journey.

It's such an honour to step into this space
with you, and give yourself a squeeze
for saying yes to the pleasure, prosperity
and aligned purpose that awaits you!

oxoxo, Phoenix


Prepare yourself for the transformations you’ll start seeing in your life as you confirm yourself + say YES to this ceremony of embodied ecstasy. 

Watch as simply saying YES and affirming yourself for these next 9 weeks magnetizes some wild miracles into your life…they are only tastes of what awaits you on the other side and in this container.

We're going to go DEEEEEPPPP....

And how we go deep is by showing up – just as we are – open, real, honest and sometimes breaking down. I’ve led enough masterminds, retreats and group courses to know that there’s a point that the ‘stuff’ ready to be released will come up…and the last thing you want to do is let it be seen by others, to show up on that call, to be present in the group, and to try and hide. 

HOWEVER….I Want to emphasize – that ALL OF YOU is welcome here in this container. The messy bits, the ugly crys, and the shitty patterns, because all of you is worthy and welcome. That loving of all of you IS the medicine in healing the pain, in releasing the scarcity, in alchemizing the trauma.

So with all of that shared...

How we ensure you get the most out of this 9 weeks of potent expansion, amplifying of pleasure and releasing the blocks to your ecstastic life is by prioritizing your journey, writing it in your calendar, following through on the practices and showing up to the calls (every single one if you can).

Because the gifts really do lie in the

things we try and hide from others, the pain we pretend isn’t there, and the issues we lie to ourselves about. 

the structure of our journey

in this 9 week initiatory journey inspired by Soul, Sex & Art



Our journey is a fusion of online course content & videos lovingly hosted on the easy to use Thinkfic Platform which provide guidance on the embodiment, weekly transmission ceremonies & Q+A calls (for those who register in the LIVE program), along with access to the additional bonuses.

THE DOORS TO ENROLL CLOSE OCT 17th, and you'll have access to the first week's content on Oct 19th, 2020. You'll find registration options below.

Our Live Call Schedule is listed below, while these will be recorded - personal Q+A's will not be included for privacy & confidentiality (which is why I highly recommend showing up for each call). If you're unable to attend one, life happens, though I also invite you to rearrange your schedule to accommodate this journey. Really consider what you are prioritizing in your life. Make it known to the Universe what you want by rescheduling other conflicting appointments.


>>>> .... <<<<


Online transmissions: where you can read about the week's themes + embodiment art rituals, journalling prompts & other support material. Each week, a potent ritual experience & 'artwork' is assigned to you. These transmissions (provided via the beautiful online Thinkific platform) are beautiful embodied ceremonies of soul, sex & art. They will open you up to new & profound pathways in your ability to magnetize prosperity, opportunities, love, passion, and ecstasy.

Live Transmission Calls: Our calls will take place early in the week to support the integration of the week's theme and will include space for a transmission, embodiment practice and support with those present. Zoom Online Conference links will be sent to those registered.

Embodiment Ritual Art Practice: Every week includes a delicious sensual soul art ritual to bring full pleasure embodiment into your life and help integrate the frequencies into your body.



Every week, you'll be able to access a new embodiment art ritual, so give yourself a consistent 2 hours to drop in with these practices. Our Live Calls & Transmissions will be around 90 min - 2 hours long.

Monday, Oct 19th: Week 1 accessible
Tues, Oct 20th 7pm PST: Transmission Call

Monday, Oct 26th: Week 2 accessible
Tues, Oct 27th 7pm PST: Transmission Call

Monday, Nov 2nd: Week 3 accessible
Tues, Nov 3rd: 7pm PST: Transmission Call

Monday, Nov 9th: Week 4 accessible
Tues, Nov 10th 7pm PST: Transmission Call

Monday, Nov 16th: Week 5 accessible
Tues, Nov 17th 7pm PST: Transmission Call

Monday, Nov 23rd: Week 6 accessible
Tues, Nov 24th 7pm PST: Transmission Call

Monday, Nov 30th: Week 7 accessible
Tues, Dec 1st 7pm PST: Transmission Call

(if this particular weekly time & day conflicts with a majority of those joining us, we'll determine the best weekly time & dates for you.)

Our journey culminates in two intimate workshops where you'll get to sit in the 'heartseat' and receive individual feedback + support unique to your brand, business and offerings. Bring your most alive questions as we finish the journey. Workshop dates will be determined based on a poll choosing best times for everyone for them to take place between Dec 7th - 18th





Work at your own pace + on your own schedule – by accessing the workbooks and recorded Live Calls from our live group. You’ll have access to the material foreva!


• OM Weekly Modules + Workbooks ($797 Value)

• Recorded Calls ($497 value)

• BONUS: Mythic Business 7 Week Online  Workbooks ($997 value)


Use the promo code diviniadiscount at checkout to get $500 off. Installment plans available and calculated at checkout.


La Libira


7 WEEKLY MODULES: You’ll get access to weekly modules + rituals ($797 Value)

• PRIVATE TELEGRAM: Access to our private (and secure) Telegram chat to ask questions, share updates/wins, and get support. You can also reach out to me with questions anytime!($397 Value)

• LIVE CALLS: Join our weekly transmission calls to get the downloads on each module, experience live practices/coaching and ask questions ($1997 Value)

• BONUS: Mythic Business Workbooks ($997 Value)

• 2 Orgasmic Business Manifestation Map Workshops
Following the journey – you’ll get access to join these intimate online workshops in Week 8 & 9 where you’ll get feedback on your business, courses, offerings & branding | ($997 value)

YOUR INVESTMENT: $997 or 3x installments of $466

Unio Mystica

VIP | 1-1 including 2-Day Virtual Retreat

Your life’s work deserves a visual essence that speaks to the core of the beauty your soul exudes & the grandness of your vision. Our world, Gaia, is rapidly evolving into a new consciousness, and this new paradigm of soul, sovereign and heart asks of us to elevate our energy in aligning to the values of the New Earth.

ATTENTION IS CURRENCY – So let the soul of your mission and business be medicine media for the world.

Your vision & message has value and worth. It is multi-faceted, full of meaning, and vibrates at a unique frequency. I’m here to help you see and experience the Soul of your Business through this 2-day visionary branding, design, and storytelling retreat. Art is healing, business can shift culture, and your work can do both. And that we are here on the planet at this unique time in history to elevate to a new earth that places love, service, and compassion first.

I’m here to help you tap into the greater energetics of your great service on the planet and express that through visionary & transformational branding, design and storytelling that is inspiring, fun, & deliciously you.

With a background in design & visual art, experience running a branding company & working with multi-million dollar clients, plus wildly intuitive & feminine design inclinations (Pisces Moon here), I’ll help you channel an iconic essence for the next beautiful version of you. 

xo, Phoenix

VIP | 1:1
Unio Mystica

(Only 6 spots Now Available)

Along with receiving all of the goodies in tier 1 & 2, you’ll also receive 1:1 support from Phoenix in a private 2-Day Virtual Retreat.

APPLY BEFORE Oct 5th to get $1300 off AND an OM PLEASURE KIT delivered to your door which includes a yoni pleasure wand, oils, elixirs, crystals AND 1 uniquely handcrafted alchemist wand specially designed for you (value $797)

YOUR INVESTMENT: ($3700 or 3 payments of $1566)

One time payment

Instalment plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you may have…
Feel free to reach out to our team at support@phoenixamara.com for any questions you may have.

I don’t do refunds, only because I don’t do half-ass. I KNOW that if you show up fully for this journey as I do, profound transformation & quantum leaps will follow. If you’re showing up in full presence, completing all of the self-love rituals, practices, and expressive art assignments – you can’t NOT see results.  I show up with ALL of me, and ask you do the same for these 9 weeks!

If there are an overwhelming amount of babes registered who can’t make the LIVE Calls, we will reschedule based on the most chosen time/dates through a poll. Otherwise all calls will be recorded to watch later – so you can either submit questions beforehand, or register for the other options.

No. Ideally, you’re an online femmepreneur, though you don’t NEED to have a pre-existing online business. You will learn a ton about the energy mechanics behind operating a successful + pleasureable online coaching based business, so don’t be surprised if you start one in the course of 9 weeks with us.

All good! You’re going to see a lot of examples and get a ton of support (especially if you’re in the Live Call or VIP Group). I’ll give lots of individual support to help you get crystal clear on the offer that lights you up the most.

Absofuckinglutely! I’ve witnessed MAJOR transformations in people’s relationships, their bodies, & businesses….from healing ancestral trauma and finding their own beauty again, to reigniting an authentic bond and sex life with their spouses, to stopping the energy of hustle and strive – to just create and receive. 

Ideally, yes! We’ll be exploring the power of opening, softening & orgasmic pleasure with sacred pleasure tools. If you don’t have one – I recommend ordering one from La Loba here>>

Once you’ve registered, you’ll get access to the online material hosted on Thinkific, where you’ll create a profile and get access to the online materials. You’ll also receive emails on our live calls (or recordings) as well as extra goodies you might be signed up for. The Telegram Group will be sent via email to you.

No! You can come fresh to this work, or have a background in sacred sexuality. As it IS based around sacred sexuality & Temple Arts practices, you will be exposed to areas on sex, pleasure and loving your body. If you

This isn’t a business course – this is a journey in connecting with your body + intuition in a richer more pleasure-filled way & how that connects to the way you make money. We will cover aspects of online business, but this ain’t your typical business course. This is a revolution on receiving through the ways that bring you pleasure.

No idea. I’ll likely have the recordings available, but I run my business intuitively & run courses when I feel inspired. So, if you’re on the fence – just ask yourself – what is the cost if you don’t join? I’ve never regretted courses I’ve registered for, only the ones I wanted to and didn’t.

Soul. Sex & Art