“Phoenix Amara brings forth a compelling and engaging experience that highlights the power of unbridled creative expression and sensual essence.”

‘Phoenix delivered a highly engaging ceremony at this year’s Hawaii Tantra Festival 2020. It was definitely one of the main highlights of this year’s festival, and helped everyone feel connected, safe and sexy! I highly recommend hiring her for your festival or event where you want . Every attendee we spoke with was floored with how exciting, liberating and powerful it was!”  

– Simon Kaufman, Entertainment Director, Hawaii Tantra Festival 

Phoenix’ unique and engaging Prayerformances fuse inspiring personal stories, performance, sacred ceremony, ritual, visual mapping, and music with live audience participation for a truly moving experience that will have your audience brought to a new collective level of love, connection and insight.

Performances & Ceremony

• Creativity, the muse, and your sensual essence: Unlocking the key to your Inner Genius
• The Future of Creativity: The Sacred Artist as Planetary Oracle
• Primal Magic: The Embodiment of your Ancient Future Self
• Star Gates: The Opening of Earth’s Chakra System

What is Prayerformance?


Prayerformance is the weaving of prayer and performance into a ceremonial expression that harnesses the power of collective energy into a focused intention. 

If the artist is the conduit for channelling the collective energy of the audience’s presence and consciousness into their particular creative expression, Prayerformer’s bring the level of intention one step further of harnessing the collective energy towards a collective intention or prayer. 

Elements of Prayerformance often incorporate: an opening prayer that speaks to the theme of the ceremony, collaboration with the audience and bringing them into co-creation of the experience rather than being passive bystanders through guided meditations, movement or sound, and the art of harnessing the collective intentions and sending them back out to others and the world.

Primal Magic Ceremonial Workshop

Access the power of your primal magic in this unique embodiment workshop that weaves tantric principles, consent practices, and engaging partner and group games. Explore the power of your ancient primordial and primal self with that of your galactic future self in this collective experience through dance, voice, sound and energy.

This unique embodiment workshop touches on intentional energy exchange, establishing and communicating boundaries through consent, and culminates in a ‘Self-Wedding Ceremony’. Warning: This experience will provide unbridled states of play, laughter, emotion, and primal wildness.

In the Primal Magic Experience workshop – participants will move through the 3 Gateways: 

  • The Gateway of Permission: We’ll explore the first Gateway of Permission in playfully exploring consent and sovereignty through fun intimacy  games such as receiving and expressing explicit no’s & yes’ in a puja-style experience, aspects of running sexual energy (consciously/unconsciously) & consensually sending/receiving sexual energy. 
  • The Gateway of Unleashing: The second gateway will unleash and reunite participants with their Ancient and Future Self. In exploring these dualistic energies, experience medicine dance with soft and sensuous angelic movements and unleash your inner animal sex energy through wild, untamed, and pulsing primal movement.
  • The Gateway of Unity: Weave the power of your past triumphs, successes and challenges with the potency of your future self through releasing shame and guilt in a forgiveness ritual along with a commitment to your future self through a Self-Marriage Ceremony.

Keynotes, Speaking & Performing

  • 2021 | Cascadia Tantra Festival | Speaker & Prayerformer

  • 2021 | | Resident Sex Priestess

  • 2020 | Hawaii Tantra Festival, Self-Marriage  Ceremony

  • 2018 | Amenti Stargate Activation in the Great Pyramids, Egypt Retreat 

  • 2018 | Electric Love Festival, Opening Ceremony & training

  • 2018 | SoulPlay Festival, California. ‘Primal Magic Prayerformance Group Ritual’

  •  Lucidity Festival 2018: ‘Awaken Your Primal Magic’ Workshop
  • 2017 | Awakened Woman Convergence Ceremony

  • , Phoenix, Arizona 

  • 2016 | Awakened Woman Convergence Ceremony. Bali,  Indonesia

  • 2016 | Dream Queens, ‘Sisterhood as the Key to Feminine Leadership’ Keynote

  • 2016 | DreamTalks: ‘The Future of Creativity’ Keynote

  • 2014 | Ambassadors of Change: ‘Becoming a Change-maker’ Keynote

  • 2015 | ENGAGE 2015: ‘Civic Leaders + Conscious Community’ Keynote


              Awakened Woman 2017 Recap Video created by Helene Weiss

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