Initiate your Soul, Sex, and Art


For milennia, initiates of the ancient mysteries have sought out guidance and support in the advancement of their soul’s work here on Earth. Weaving ancient and future wisdom of alchemy practices, energy healing, sacred sexuality, and the secrets of New Earth Alchemy, I’m here to support you in going quantum in your living embodiment.


For your life & mythic business


Ascension Mastery

Mentor with Phoenix Amara in a 1-on-1 mentorship experience to elevate your life & sacred business. Embody your New Earth Frequency and Prosperity Codes of unlimited abundance, creative potential, and exploration of our latent human powers. Apply to work with Phoenix below.



Awaken and heal the connection with your life force energy – aka your sexual energy. Fusing ancient alchemical tantric wisdom with energy frequency teachings &  creative expression, discover the power of Temple Arts Alchemy.

What People Are Saying

“In Phoenix’s presence, I feel like I cannot help but go deeper, expand bigger, and open wider into my truth and my vision. She is my fire-starting and courage-igniting guide, calling me in closer to the infinite power and beauty that resides within me. I cannot recommend her magical work more highly – it will transform you if you’re ready, it’s time.”

Catarina Andrade
Intuitive Business Strategist & International Speaker

“I can only say thank you to the woman that has supported me, in embracing my sexuality, sensuality and femininity.  Her work has made me feel whole, and has made me truly love my sexuality in a way that I cannot express. I have more compassion, and now having a deep understanding of my soul in this body, she is a true priestess beyond fairytales. Love you and I will be forever grateful, thank you Phoenix!”

Monica Pelayo
Shadow Work Coach

“Phoenix has a unique gift of integration. There are millions of different facets to her being and she fuses and balances them boldly and unapologetically. She is able to see and access all of the parts of you—even the ones that you have judged as too weird—and call them forward, leaving you in awe of what she has found. Phoenix then guides you to embrace your multidimensionality and helps you to rise from the ashes of your “before” in a mythic way, as YOU. The whole YOU. There is no greater gift that you can give the world.”

Theresa Venezia
Spiritual Health Guide

“I was feeling pretty overwhelmed when I came to do a coaching session with Phoenix. Phoenix is so warm, inviting, a healer, so much wisdom, intuition and passion. My pen couldn’t keep up as she channelled perfect advice for my business and me. She has so much knowledge on marketing, business, and psychology.  She really helped to get back on track, take risks, keep trusting and believe.”

Hayley Melrose
Tantrika & Kundalini Dance Facilitator




Phoenix Amara





Inner Alchemy (coming soon)

Events, Retreats & Pilgrimages

Certifications (coming Fall 2020) 




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