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just one last thing.

Double-check your Social/Promotions Folders + Drag my email into your primary one, so you don't miss my weekly global transmissions + updates.

As we head into increased amplification of energies on the planet – you’ll want to stay attuned to the Global Energy Reports, Practices to Ground your Energy AS WELL AS….

The exclusive invitation to my private online collective of New Earth Ambassadors – where we gather weekly in prayer & service to support one another, connect + share resources. 

In these times, we need each other more than ever – as allies, sounding boards, and frequency stabilizers – so that, together, we can hold our collective energy in a state of peace, prayer & love. 

May we all remember our roles, work + power. 

To the dawning of a New Earth,


New Earth Oracle | Ascension Guide | Transformational Artist


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