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How I manifested Love for my Birthday

I’ve been in a deep love bubble for the past 2 1/2 weeks post birthday (yes, I’m a solid Aries Sun SignšŸ˜†).  And have been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful state of bliss, tenderness and ecstasy that has entered my lifeā€¦

Lion’s Gate Portal Transmission

The Lionā€™s Gate Portal opens from July 26th to August 12th, sending beams of divine frequencies through to our planet. While this portal is open – it peaks on August 8th – inviting you to tune into the energy ofā€¦

Birthing Peace Consciousness

Often the very real truth of our story is often the hardest (yet necessary) to share with others and the world.  Our wounds, our emotional landscape, our depth – stays locked inside of us, threatening to break us free fromā€¦

The Healing of Love, Sex & Money

THE HEALING OF LOVE, SEX & MONEY We are undergoing a massive integration and healing of the energy we experience through Sex, Money, and Relationships (Love). The energy we exchange with others through money, love, and sex can carry withinā€¦

Source Wounds & Patriarchy

Moving Beyond the Source Wounds: Healing the Wounds of Patriarchy & Disconnection In our current era of digital technology, lightning fast WIFI that connects us instantaneously to world events as they happen, drive-throughs, Tinder romances and this blindingly fast pacedā€¦

Taking Up Space

Taking up space doesn’t mean blindly and unconsciously hurling yourself and your energy into peopleā€™s faces, spaces, or bodies. It ___is ____not___ the process of speaking just to be heard or take attention It IS the expansion of your lightā€¦