How I made the first six figures in my business

While I love sharing and writing about spirituality & sexuality, I’ve had many many people, clients and friends ask me how I made the first six figures in my business…

And so it felt time to more radically share a few behind-the-scenes insights into my story and the building of what is now my life’s work in that it may provide some more affirmation and solace for where you’re at in your life & sacred work. 


I had just left my husband, left my dreams and career in pursuing architecture and urban planning, and was feeling pretty unsure about my future. Marie Forleo was beginning to blow up in the coaching industry with B-School and my soul was nudging me to get into coaching. I wasn’t even sure ‘what’ I wanted to coach in, but that it felt far more colorful and exciting than spending another four years in University pouring over roadways and maps. I signed up for B-School and got started in business coaching while I was still working part-time in an NGO that was near and dear to my heart. I was making around $2000 a month in Vancouver – which is totally living in poverty. 


From there, I ended up getting a contract for a large sweetener company, doing their graphics, rebuilding their website and eventually interior decorating their offices. Again, not totally aligned with what I wanted to do…but…I was consulting and getting my chops in negotiation, professionalism, and also feeling somewhat financially stable. 

I then

HOWEVER, I WAS FEELING FUCKING CONFUSED ABOUT MOVING FORWARD...and so I hired my very first business coach for three months. I was a hot and confused mess, but having someone to ask me questions that helped me clarify WHAT I wanted to be doing was priceless. Working with her helped me gain confidence, momentum and clarity to continue forward. From there I ended up registering for a Tantra training and going deep into that area of work which helped me understand myself more. 


I met my partner, the future father of my child, and my interest in business blossomed. We started a clothing company, I continued consulting, I also started working on a travel company and also expanding my business coaching along with Tantra. Then, we found out I was pregnant and into month 6 of my pregnancy, I realized I couldn’t keep spinning my wheels in so many projects and directions. I would need to focus on one thing, and do it well….because being a new mama wouldn’t give me a lot of time. 


In the midst of losing a family member to alcoholism, breaking up with my partner and due in a few months with my baby…I felt at a loss. I got on my hand and knees and prayed for Great Spirit to use me for whatever was most needed and that I be of service and have fun doing it. 
With that my answers were received in the form of two answers, a deep sense of purpose & the support system to help me navigate the big evolution I was about to undergo. 

1. Getting clear on your BIG VISION

Great spirit, God, Creator, the Goddess – whatever name you call the Divine, seemed to answer me in the form of a big vision. A vision of bringing women together in ceremony to support one another. Because I could so intimately see how much I needed women for support, it was easy for me to see and feel the importance of this work. I received clarity on creating a women’s empowerment conference and began planning it with another woman. I was so devoted to this vision of bringing hundreds of women together for healing & support, this focus helped me overcome any challenges I encountered along the way. It was a powerful reminder that when we allow ourselves to remember the deep reason of WHY we do what we do and WHY it’s so important, it helps you stay out of your ego, out of your way, and out of selfish desires. In that real first year of my business, I birthed both a conference and a women’s mastermind – not because someone else had told me I had the ‘authority’, ‘accreditation’ or ‘expertise’ to do it – but because I just knew it needed to happen. If you’ve been waiting for a permission slip from someone to start your dreams, this is it. 


The second thing I attribute to making my first six-figures was enrolling in my very first mastermind. I had never heard of one before, but I knew they were powerful in helping one elevate and transform. I had been following this leadership mentor for quite a while and deeply admired how she wrote, what she was into and who she was. A few months until the birth and I found myself on the application page filling it out with high energy. I didn’t even care about the price (which was listed at the bottom of the application -with monthly installments roughly equal to what I made each month) or how much it was, because I JUST KNEW I needed her help and this circle of women. I knew I couldn’t do this without them and that the money would come if it was meant to be. 

And so weeks before the mastermind was going to begin, while I didn’t know how the money would come in, I just trusted, and prayed, and meditated. 

The idea to start my own mastermind came in loud and clear, and the 13 Moon Sisterhood was born. It was beautiful and pushed me to new levels of my power and leadership. Many of the women from that group are in my life today as friends and allies, and grateful for that container to transform their lives + business. 

This container not only was a great way for me to expand my level of service but it also became a foundation for my life’s sacred work – supporting other women in service, in their self-care, in their sacred sexual expression and health, and through living an abundant life. 


So of course, from my experience, masterminds and coaches are one of the secrets that people use to experience success in their businesses. Because it works. Because receiving consistent support for you to be consistent in your focus, vision, and service is paramount. 

Being an entreprenuer running your own business holds many challenges, yet if you let yourself be supported by not only someone who knows what you don’t, but you also allow yourself to be celebrated by other Queens, it’s far easier than wandering in the dark hoping for change. 

Because, they will lovingly challenge and support you to be their best – because you being in your highest states of happiness, pleasure and success will also support them in being in their highest states of pleasure. 

When the Queen’s Council vision was received – I was asked to help these Queen’s experience their first six-figures as a means of giving back for all of the support I’ve received over the years, so I am sooooo excited to watch these Queens step into new levels of pleasure, power and prosperity. 

Feeling the Call to Claim your Throne this year & experience your first 6-figures? 


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