Release Fears & Surrender to the Sacred Orgasm

Giving space for your fears to be heard allows your heart to soften in the acknowledgment of the shadow, which opens up the portal of your womb + yoni to open.

Wishing you a beautiful time of transition as Autumn begins to embrace us in her early evenings, fall leaves, and nights spent by the fire. 

I just took a delicious few days of rest myself to celebrate gratitude and thanksgiving with my beautiful blood + chosen family. We gathered around the most sumptuous meal filled with local produce and good hearts, and have spent the past two days resting my body + spirit.

Since our Queen’s Code Activation call I did the other night, I later had a profound experience of having one of the most orgasmically open experiences by myself. It was really eye-opening in how much feeling was present, in how present I was to my body and pleasure. A few things that really dropped me into the experience are shared below in the guided practice & transmission I wanted to share with you.
One of the insights that came through was how much I had been saving all of my pleasure to share with a partner when that time comes (I’ve been practising conscious celibacy). I had been subconsciously holding myself back, because of the voice inside my head saying, “I can only experience the deepest levels of pleasure + ecstasy with someone else”. 
Yet, the other night with myself and my pleasure tools changed that. I really let myself get in there, go wild, and fully let go into the pleasure – all by myself. I softened with myself, taking the time to breathe and just feel. 
While you may think this is always my state of being, especially being a guide, I’m actually constantly surprised by the new insights that continue to unravel for me.
This is the nature of the work we explore in Orgasmic Manifestation, and I’d love to share an Igniting Transmission + Practice for you to try.


Fear or pleasure….
What will you continue to let drive your decisions and actions? Will it be the fears of scarcity, lack, and victim-mode (yeah, I fucking went there), or will it be the power of your heart’s deepest pleasure? Of leaning into the visions for your life that you let our while singing in the shower, or in the comfort of your journal?

Are you ready to actually live your wildest dreams or do they actually scare the fuck out of you…?

Would you rather stay in your comfort zone, year after year, saying you desire change but never taking a goddamn leap, – or – are you ready for things to change in your life? Like actually rapidly change, lightning speed, into your wildest, erotic fantasies of living.
What it was like being seen by a mentor for the first time for me….. This woman held space for the most magnificent version of myself and my visions to be heard. Fresh out of a pretty wounded relationship with a small kiddo, it was surreal being held in such a container with such a fiercely tender group of babes who held me in my hurt, inspired my energy, and reflected back my own wisdom.

I remember sitting with them in Costa Rica in our sacred circle, overlooking the jungle, sharing visions I had for myself and the purpose I desired to lead, and wow – looking back, I could have never imagined how that would have taken off.

Stepping into that mastermind was a cost that was more than I’d ever spent in my entire life – but I knew that I needed that support, mentorship and guidance if I was to actually get off the wheel of struggle and step into abundance. And – I did. That first year in that group, I came into my first official six-figure year! I don’t always share that fact, but yes, it’s 100% very true.

See, we’re not here to do this work alone. In fact, the patriarchal programming has been to separate and isolate us from the pack – to insert the programming that you have to be a lone wolf and look out for yourself.

In Orgasmic Manifestation – we’re going to use tantric principles to expand your capacity to receive, amplify your energy + voice, AND we also come together as women in support – you’ll have a sister to also support you and hold you accountable in relaxing yourself, softening into this work, and dropping in.

Fear ALWAYS comes up when you’re on the brink of a big transformation in your life. ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, how much you’re making, the amount of followers, etc etc…It still happens for me too!

The fear ALWAYS comes up, and the only way we can truly move through it with grace is asking some important questions:
• What will this cost me to NOT do it?
• Is there more to lose if I don’t choose to follow this opportunity…?
AND – this question is specific to 2020, but HOW are you desiring to end your 2020? These next three months?

Are you prepared for 2021, in terms of solid grounded offerings to your community, crystal clear clarity on your direction and a team of passionate, loving, delicious womxn holding you in that vision, supporting your growth and success?

Or are you going to CHOOSE to stay confused, unclear, and adrift in the direction of your purpose???

THIS is a Choice. It is a choice to stay confused, to stay unclear, and to stay unfocused, because then you have an excuse for why you aren’t living the life you actually desire.
I’m being really fucking concise and bold – only because I too spent the years floundering by myself, trying to make my business work without any solid mentorship, support, and guidance….aka lone wolf syndrome.

As I mentioned in the Queen’s Code call, the moment I signed up for my first mastermind, I literally got the download for my own first group program – and wow! I ended up doubling my impact in the world AND doubling my income. I was able to pay for my mastermind through stepping into greater service for others.

In fact, I recently reconnected with a dear sister whom I helped support in that first mastermind with the business that she was starting. Today, she now has a thriving coaching practice in NC and counselling, and we’re actually joining forces in building an eco-village here in BC.

That’s the power you could have in someone’s life – to help them heal, help them expand, help them love themself or heal decades worth of trauma….if you’re ready to step up your game in really believing in yourself and your impact.

Money is simply energy. So what kind of energy are you ready to exchange for the support, guidance and illumination that will expand you into the next realities you’re here to experience, the new energies you want to feel, the richer prosperity?

We all exchange money for things that we desire in our lives, paying extra for organic food to ensure we have healthy bodies, paying for the yoga or gym memberships to keep our bodies (and minds) balanced, the programs and extracurriculars for our children….but what about investing in the support to actually increase your business vision with the forces of pleasure, to invest in yourself the deepest desires you have for amplifying for your purpose.

Will it be a choice of “later”, ‘next year’ or when I have the money (which I can tell you never happens), or will you decide that the Universe will support your desires and that money will flow to you….

Because, babe, that’s what this is about…
A BRIEF GUIDED PRACTICE FOR YOU: Creating space for your heart’s deepest longings + pleasure. 
Give yourself a time window of 2-3 hours, and I guarantee you will experience some level of radical manifestation + inner acceptance open up. Prepare your space for romance with candles, incense and privacy – along with a journal. 
Take 30 min- 1 hour, and let yourself flow into answering these questions. Allow yourself to soften in your heart first (taking time to slow down), and be really honest with yourself: 
• Where am I not allowing myself to dream in my life + life’s purpose? 
• What fears come up when I entertain the idea of being really really successful? 
• If none of those fears existed, what would success for me (no limits) look like? How would my bank account look? My day-to-day life? What would I splurge on? What would I give more time to? 
That’s it. Just use those prompts and record what flows through. 

Feel your heart softened in revealing more of your heart’s inner longings for your life.
Create time to integrate and move any emotions that came up through massaging your entire body. You can even do this after a delicious bath, and use yummy oils like almond or coconut. 
After slowly rubbing down your body, if you feel inclined, engage yourself in some loving pussy care. Pet her, slowly and communicate with her (asking to be touched or entered). Ask her what she wants from you, and you’ll likely hear the answer. 
Let yourself go into whatever comes through in this practice. Some people experience a release of sadness, grief, and others record feeling even more intense surrender to their pleasure. 
 I hope you enjoyed this brief practice.  The temple doors to Orgasmic Manifestation close in a few days (Sat is THE LAST DAY to join), AND there are 3 Days Left to be a FUCK YES! for your ecstasy, pleasure, + amplified prosperity to join us in Orgasmic Manifestation – so, if you’re a BIG FUCK YES! then get your booty here and apply>>. For three monthly instalments of $466, you will receive the delicious support, mentorship and love to surrender yourself to the wildest ecstasy and dreams for your life + business and end 2020 with the crystal clarity you desire.
p.s. A GIFT FOR YOU>> Here’s also a book from the Mythic Business Bonus Book Bundle you’ll get when you step into this container. It has some great resources for you + your business.
xoxo, Phoenix

For full transmission experience – play this while reading.

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