Lion’s Gate Portal Transmission

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens from July 26th to August 12th, sending beams of divine frequencies through to our planet. While this portal is open – it peaks on August 8th – inviting you to tune into the energy of being divinely supported by life and the Universe. 

With themes of abundance, prosperity and receiving, this cosmic alignment called “the Lions Gateway” marks the alignment of our solar system with that of Sirius, which is twice the size of our Sun and 24x brighter. As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our perspective here on Earth, it appears that Sirius comes closer to the Earth. 

This alignment occurs during the astrological period of Leo the lion. This sign is represented by the Lyrans, some of the galactic architects of our reality, and those actively supporting our ascension process. Sirius is a fixed star that lives in the constellation of Cancer and is known as our Spiritual Sun. Sirus is a gateway to higher vibrational beings & our cosmic cousins. As Sirius lives in the constellation of Cancer, during Cancer Season when our Sun is in this sign, it would merge with Sirius, symbolizing a type of rebirth. Then, as the Sun would leave Cancer for Leo, Sirius would be able to rise up without being blocked by our Sun, signifying the completion of the rebirth and the opening of the portal.

In numerology, the 8th day of the 8th month is a highly spiritual and charged time. The number 8 represents infinity, the infinite soul that we are and that will continue to live on beyond the confines of this physical reality.8 is also the number associated with abundance, power, and higher realms of consciousness, making 8/8 a super potent time to charge and clear our energy for receiving. This infinity symbol is also linked in the prosperity code – a new symbol to replace the former hexed version of the money symbol – evolving into the love currency that will be the new operating system of our New Earth.

For full transmission experience – play this while reading.

This life force energy of love is the TRUE currency of the planet – and is the reason why its cultivation and wisdom has been shamed, shut down, and suppressed.  

The ancient mystery teachings of alchemy and enlightenment taught one that access to the divine didn’t mean having to go through the Church and priests, which is why they went underground. They taught one that anyone could access this wisdom through going inward, and utilizing sacred sexual union and of the heart and sacral together. 

It is why we are seeing the misuse of sexual energy at the forefront of the collective consciousness right now, as seen through the capture of Ghislaine Maxwell, mass revealing of child and sex trafficking in Hollywood and the elite, major celebrities coming under fire for explicitly gross behaviours, along with major media censoring news of child trafficking related protests.  The Lyrans have been actively supported the healing of our sexual energy on the planet from the distortions caused from abusing sexual energy – especially as used  in Luciferian rituals for the harvesting and control of energy.

The ways of genuine sacred pleasure, the sacredness of sexual union, the power of love and true sacred sexuality will be coming back into the collective consciousness in a powerful new way come Fall 2020.  And people are expressing this knowningness, embodying this in all shapes, sizes and expressions – a diversity of reclaiming sacred pleasure within the body….for healing, connection with Source, and for co-creating dreams.

Orgasmic awakening is a remembrance of orgasmic peace – the full and total surrender to the state of bliss, safety and peace – a full knowing that you are safe in your body, always. Safe in your being.

Reminding us pleasure is accessible to all. This is the great remembrance. When you are connected to your pleasure – you cannot be controlled by fear. You cannot be herded like cattle, sold the lies of war, or controlled to believe that there isn’t enough. Your access to pleasure is access to Source, access to the ALL, and that is infinite, just as you and I are.

This is the great third world war we’re living in right now – the war on consciousness. It’s a war designed to keep you from remembering that you’ve already won. It’s a smoke-and-mirror show to pretend like they can control what you do with your body….

 • Don’t want to take our vaccines, we’ll force you.

• Want to change genders, we’ll make it illegal or hard to access.

• Want to stop an unwanted pregnancy, we’ll ban it.

See, one of the great Universal Laws is that of sovereignty. Sovereignty means you have full and unending choice – choice of will, choice of belief, and choice of body. This is a universal law that cannot be overrode by any “legislated law”. But the caveat is that you can choose to hand over this choice by choosing to hand over your power.

There’s a concept called body autonomy and it is considered a Universal Right.

It simply means that a person has control over who or what uses their body for what and how long. It is why you can’t be forced to donate blood tissue or organs. Even if you are dead. Even if you would improve or save 20 lives.

More people engaging in loving and intentional pleasure. More consensual orgasms. More people enjoying the fruits of life — is where it’s at. People enjoying pleasure are entrained to the frequency of peace, Terra Nova, and don’t want or have time for war, inflicting pain, and engaging in the creation of fear, despair, or control over others. If you look across the board, the one noticeable feature across those desiring to force their will onto others rights – through masks, vaccines, or ‘quarantine’ is the obvious lack of pleasure in their life – lack of sex, lack of pleasure, and lack of connection. Let’s remember that while we continue to EMBODY OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

It’s time to set ourselves up in envisioning a new timeline, and dissolving this predictively programmed timeline – which is frankly boring in it’s obvious control grab for humanity’s trajectory. Stop listening to the headlines saying, ‘it’s coming your way soon….’ and AMP UP YOUR PERSONAL STORYLINE OF FREEDOM.

There is a powerful force of love sweeping our planet, and people all over the world are letting it be known they would rather be celebrating diversity and our differences than be controlled by old fear program that are crumbling as we speak. 
Stay focused in your practice of building the energy of love within your heart, being, and soul. 

Don’t let them control you with ‘threats’, perceived or otherwise. They cannot stop the tidal wave of love pouring over the planet. Let your Diamond Love radiate from your bodyBecome a pure channel for Divine Source Love to pour through you and refract into the world. 

This Lion’s Gate ☥☥ is also a time of bridging our present consciousness with other timelines and collapsing them into the Ancient Future – a combining of ‘past’ & ‘present’ timelines….our ancestors reaching out to connect with us at the same time we’re reaching back in time to contact them. 

As we collapse old timelines into zero point through non-participation in the created games of division playing out, we also support the birthing of the Immortal Dove of Peace on the planet….through our shared consciousness.

When we pledge to no longer engage in war-based thinking, being, and action – when we unplug from divisive systems that only further encourage prejudice, pride, and division – when we pledge to be love in thought, energy and action.

With people around the world focusing on this Lion’s Gate – we’re simultaneously pinging our Lyran Star Family – those ancient architects of realities, worlds, and our cosmic ancestors. In collectively attuning to their frequency and this energy gateway – you are calling upon their wisdom, strength and this astrological event in elevating your consciousness.

It’s no coincidence that we’ve seen some major devastating events taking place and covered over mainstream media – as a means of triggering negative emotions, creating more division, and throwing you off balance and centre. Stand strong in your visions of a New Earth – one filled with general happiness in the collective, elevated experiences for all.


☥☥  Lion’s throughout Humanity’s history have been acknowledged and encoded through ancient civilizations – regarded as heralding royalty, wisdom, and courage. They hold a key to innerstanding our galactic origins and full potential. ☥☥

☥ The Lyrans – or Lion People – have been acknowledged through many indigenous cultures as being those who have allied to support the ascension and evolution of humanity – through the darkness and back to the Golden Age.

The heralding of the Winged Lion is an emblem of peace – and as its presence becomes known to your third-eye vision, it becomes activated in the Grids of Gaia.



The very symbol of the infinity sign harkens to the energy exchange and dynamic of circuitry.

The very word to describe currency/money is also the same word for energy (positive/negative polarity generating a current of energy). The $ symbol itself represents a cutting off or disconnection to the circuitry of life-force or generating of love frequency – aka divine currency, sacred economics. This dark magic was encoded within the fabric of the human monetary system at its core foundations which we’ve seen unveiled through movements that brought to light the shadow within the system – which truly benefits only a small group on the planet.

𓂀 A collective evolution of prosperity and free energy is rippling through Gaia’s collective consciousness. There is a global awakening in every human to reclaim their power in order to generate and unlock the prosperity codes which have been hidden from humanity for millenia. Through this global rising, the support from the ancestors, the futurists, and the grid walkers are an integral element to opening these prosperity codes.

It is our remembrance of life force, our sacred sacral energy, our divine connection to Gaia, and our connection to the stars which fortifies the prosperity codes unique to each person’s genetic coding.

𓂀𓂀 It is the sacred sacral life force that powers our dreams, desires, and connection to our sovereign power. It is our collective evolution that creates ripples through our inner experience.



𓂀 Taking time in these days to really offer your gratitude for the blessings in your life, the miracles, and the doors opening can be a powerful connector for our collective focus. We didn’t come to acquiesce to the way things were, entrain to the status quo, work, pay bills and die. We came to hold these new frequencies within our very being – until we saw radical changes come to fruition on the planet.

• GIVE YOURSELF DIVINE PERMISSION IN A SPECIAL HONOURING CEREMONY: Who will ever give you permission to be your most radiance divine cosmic expression of your full soul self? Who will allow you to shine brilliantly and express your most passionate, empowered self…?

Take some time in these coming weeks to create a self-ceremony and reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome the past seven years – seeing the grander picture of why you went through certain challenges. What were the lessons you’ve received, and how are you able to release those which don’t vibrate with you and your new upgrades. Your beliefs are not you. In releasing old beliefs and stories about your situation, circumstances, history, and self-worth – you can massively upgrade your energy, magnetism, and vibration.


𓂀 Visualise and scan your chakra’s to presence yourself in your heart. From here, visualise a double-helix DNA strand that is the size of your entire body. Allow source to move through the entire DNA memory of yourself, your immediate family, and your ancestors. All are being cleansed of all patterns related to trauma, and fear. Fill your body with iridescent light and see a waterfall and river flow through yourself, your family, and your ancestors.

See your 12 Strand DNA Activating from the inner union of your two strands of DNA – awakening your full Diamond Sun DNA Template.


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