Taking Up Space

Taking up space doesn’t mean blindly and unconsciously hurling yourself and your energy into people’s faces, spaces, or bodies.

It ___is ____not___ the process of speaking just to be heard or take attention

It IS the expansion of your light – letting it shimmer beyond your body to touch another life

Whether your baby, book, or business – it is the birthing of prayers into another form that takes on a life of its own.

A rose doesn’t contemplate whether she blossoms or not. 
A tree doesn’t resist its natural tendency to spread out.

So, if you are resisting your natural ability to shine, radiate, and beam light, why?

✨ ✨ The only gatekeeper to your freedom of expression is you…. ✨ ✨

If you’re reading this, you have the privilege of being your most expressed self than any other time in history.

Regardless of your economic status, background, challenges, or fears…you now have the ability to share your heart, soul, and spirit with millions and millions of living, breathing humans all around the world – simply with a wifi connection and phone.

Yet, I too also have experienced the contraction, numbing & desire to hide my light.

See, I’ve been studying and practicing in the metaphysical world since I was a teen. Alongside being in a lineage of psychics, I also grew up absorbing occult/metaphysical/ and energy books as a young child.

By the time I was eleven, I was having contact with extra-dimensional beings, aligning my chakras and astral traveling to different dimensions and planets.

I was also hyper-creative, and sang, performed, danced, drew, and painted. Combined with my highly-entrepreneurial spirit – I felt on fire in my expression, desire, and dreams.

It wasn’t until high school that I began to shut all of that down. I succumbed to the pressures of the outside world, telling me that I was not worthy, that my talents and gifts weren’t valuable, and that I should focus on more practical dreams and occupations.

I spent a few years after high school aimless and unfocused on what I wanted or desired. That soon led to an eating disorder and general listlessness to my life. While I felt healed enough to travel to China (where I spent a year teaching English) something gnawed at my soul…

The depression of not feeling adequate in life coupled with despair at feeling helpless to the trajectory of the planet led me to want to take my own life.

I almost succeeded, had it not been for hearing the cry of my soul during my last breaths.

Something deep down knew there was more to this world, and for the next 7 years, I was initiated into a major awakening of my soul’s purpose on Earth, the galactic alignment taking place on the planet, and remembrance of our ancient heritage.

Over the past four years, I’ve come out of the closet with my divine gifts and in doing so, have begun unlocking my divine birthrights, my latent abilities, and divine abundance in all forms.

While I still have days of not feeling 100%, ‘on’, or understanding who I am becoming, I know and trust that serving my happiness is following the path of my destiny.

Our soul’s happiness is aligned to our purpose, and it is our time to SHINE!

I feel so aligned to my destiny, have experienced powerful initiations, and continue to expand into my gifts, expression, sexual liberation, and opening of communication to the Ancient Ones.

Your expression is a prayer of the Divine.

So give yourself permission to radiantly 🌈 S H I N E 🌈

Write down five things you’re going to Give Yourself Permission to Be/Do/Experience or Have…..

That’s it….what are some simple or extravagant pleasures you are ready to allow yourself to have? What expressions are you going to allow yourself to be? What experiences are you finally ready to choose?

Loving you…

Phoenix Amara

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